Sparky PetCo Compatible 1” Replacement Strap for Garmin TT10 Long and Short Contact Points, Blue Price: $28.99 (as of 28/11/2020 23:49 PST- Details)

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Garmin TT 10 Long & Short  Contact Points Kit & SPC 1″ Replacement Strap Blue

Contacts Kit for TT10

Long and Short Contacts for TT10

Customize your TT 10 with this contacts kit that includes short and long contact points, non-stimulation plug and wrench. The contacts can be removed from the device and replaced with the correct size points that are most appropriate for the dog’s coat.

Sparky PetCo E-collar or GPS Collar Replacement Strap

Perfect replacement strap for most E-collars or tracking collars using a 1-inch strap. Convenient D ring at the buckle.

Heavy polyurethane coated nylon is rugged and waterproof, while remaining flexible enough to fit your e-collar or GPS collar. And the strap keeps its flexibility – even in cold weather.

35 sizing holes are spaced tightly to allow for a perfect fit. Strap width is 1 inch and the length measures approximately 30 inches from one end of the nylon to the other (not including buckle). The unique strap material may be cut to your desired length – no need to worry about the collar unraveling or being damaged.

Both ends and all holes are heat-sealed for a long-lasting, finished look. 3 smooth, flat rivets add strength and durability, but don’t snag.

Upgraded nickel-plated hardware is extremely durable and the square buckle fits your dog’s neck and body for comfort.

Strap is maintenance free, easy to clean (just wipe with a damp cloth), resists mildew, bacteria and rotting, and is odor resistant.

Proudly made in the USA.


  • Convenient D ring at buckle
  • Polyurethane coating
  • Rugged and Waterproof
  • High Flexibility
  • 35 Tightly spaced Holes allow perfect fit
  • 1 inch wide
  • Approx 30″ long ( including buckle)
  • Heat-sealed ends and holes
  • 3 smooth, flat rivets
  • Nickel-plated Hardware
  • Square Buckle
  • Made in the USA