Herm Sprenger 2.25 Chrome Pinch / Spike / Prong Collar Small

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Small(2.2mm) up to 14″ neck/66 lbs



The Herm Sprenger Ultra Plus prong collar is designed for dog training and features a swivel to prevent leash tangling and a dead-ring to back-up your prong collar. Bright chrome finish Center plate for balanced fit Assembly chain for quick action Rust resistant Fastener plates to increase the connection security Customize the size by adding or removing links Made in GermanyNOTE: Contains nickel.Selecting the Correct SizeEach Herm Sprenger collar model is designed to stand a defined weight load. Please, see the chart below to see which prong collar is recommended for your dog depending on his or her weight and neck size.Wire GaugeCollar LengthFinishMax Dog WeightNeck Measurement2.2 mm (1/11″)16″Chrome66 lbsUp to 14″3.0 mm (1/9″)21?”Chrome77 lbsUp to 19″3.2 mm (1/8″)23″Chrome88 lbsUp to 21″4.0 mm (1/6″)25″Chrome154 lbsUp to 23″

Small(2.2mm) up to 14″ neck/66 lbs

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