Freedom Pet Pass Insulated Dog Door for Walls Price: $229.00 (as of 04/06/2020 11:08 PST- Details)

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The Freedom Pet Pass wall-mounted dog door gives your dogs the ability to come and go as they please while keeping your home comfortable and draft-free.

The Freedom Pet Pass dog door was designed from the ground up with energy efficiency in mind. The unique 2-in-1 DoubleMag flap system gives a complete face-to-face magnet seal around the entire perimeter for the pet door. These aren’t a couple of flimsy magnets struggling to hold a flap in place like most other dog doors, this is a truly airtight seal – independently tested and verified to be seal 15X better than the requirements for an Energy Star human door. The frame is made from rugged and insulating cellular PVC, which has 3000X more R-factor than the aluminum used in the frames of other so-called “rough weather” dog doors.

Freedom Pet Pass dog doors are built with pride in Michigan, USA from high-end materials and are meant to last for the long haul. The combination of exposure to the elements and constant use by dogs (especially big ones) puts a dog door’s construction to the test. The Freedom Pet Pass line of pet doors has been meticulously engineered for long-term function and performance, using premium materials like marine-grade canvas, cellular PVC, industrial TPO, and commercial-grade SBR.

The Freedom Pet Pass wall-mounted pet door comes with an optional nail flange for use when installing during new construction or major renovation. The nail flange allows the dog door to be tied into the weather barrier system, just like a window or human door. This allows the installation to conform to building code best practices, like ASTM E-283. Freedom Pet Pass wall-mounted dog doors are the only dog doors that meet California’s Title 24 building code requirements for energy efficiency.