Compressed Himalayan Salt Lick for Horse, Cow, Goat, etc. Made from Specially Selected Higher Quality Himalayan Salt… Price: $9.95 (as of 14/01/2021 10:24 PST- Details)

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Himalayan Compressed Pink Salt Animal Licks are 100% natural and pure forms of Mineral Salts. They contain 84 minerals and trace elements that are essential for all livestock at all life stages. Its a convenient and ideal source of bio-energetic resource for all animals and livestock like horses, cows, buffalo, camels, sheep, goats, pet, zoo, and wild animals. This size provides a hole in the middle for convenient mounting to a pole or rope. Many benefits include: -Reduce nervous animal behaviors -Decreases stressful behaviors such as constant licking, chewing on fences etc. -Strengthen immune system and increases milk yields by 5-15% (12.8%) -Helps animals develop shiny & healthy coats -Help harden the hooves of animals -Restores salt lost by animals via sweating in hot climates -Reduces animal drowsiness -Increases feed intake -Increases animal weight -Increased farm efficiency & productivity.