20 Healthy, Spooky Halloween Snacks for Kids

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A mixture of healthy recipes, the usage of no nuts or other allergens (and such a lot recipes are sugar-free), in silly, creepy shapes kids will wish to play with and devour. Recipes include: 1. Ghoulish Mouths- an apple snack shaped like monster mouths the usage of hummus or carrots in a position for snacking and playing with for kids’ own monster mouths 2. Creepy Carrot Fingers- creepy fingers made of carrots with hummus fingernails protruding of the veggie dip swamp in a position to take hold of your kids’ attention and mouths 3. Cheesy Goblin Fingers- cheesy fingers with apple fingernails for chomping 4. Monster Eyeballs- carrots, cream cheese, and grapes for spooky monster eyes in a position to crunch into your kids’ mouths 5. Silly Monster Smirks- sugar snap peas, red bell pepper or strawberry, mozzarella cheese creating a silly, toothy monster mouth in a position for biting 6. Spooky Sandwich Snack- skull sandwich or spooky sandwich fingers with apple or red pepper fingernails and a clementine jack o-lantern 7. Brains- yummy watermelon and jello for a full brain and bloody safe to eat brain matter spewing outMu 8. Mummy Dogs- breadstick & turkey dog mummies to dip into a healthy, sneaky, veggie-wealthy blood sauce 9. Mummy Heads- whole wheat mini pizza muffins with a healthy, sneaky, veggie-wealthy pizza sauce 10.Cup o’ Guts- yummy spaghetti squash with the healthy, veggie-wealthy blood sauce for slurping or digging in with fingers simplest 11.Bloodshot Eyeballs- spooky melon balls with chocolate chip pupils 12.Cream Cheese Phantoms- crispy whole grain ghosts with raisins and cream cheese 13.Orange-o’-Lantern- creepy orange jack o’ lantern with yummy, fruity guts 14.Witch Heads- fruity witch head with chocolate chip wart, chocolate cookie hat, and carrot hair 15.Ghost Bananas- coconutty banana with raisins or chocolate chips for a scrumptious scare 16.Scrumptious Slithering Caterpillar- slithering blend of banana, soy nut butter, chocolate chips (simplest 2), and apple for a slimy treat 17.Spooky Spiders- creepy mix of soy nut butter, crackers, pretzels, and raisins for a creepy, crawly snack 18.Fruity Eyeballs- fruity blend for safe to eat eyeballs 19.Monster Feet- cheesy carrot feet for stomping a scare into your kids’ mouths 20.Bones- crunchy, bread bones for chomping

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