1 cup of Live Chaetomorpha Macro Algae Chaeto Chato

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This listing is for 1/2 Cup of Chaeto Macro Algae. This specimen comes from a chemical free, 100% biological filtration reef aquarium. Chaetomorpha is especially common in saltwater aquariums because it can be used for removal of nutrients, especially nitrates. Aquarists will commonly house this alga, perhaps with others, in a refugium. In addition to nutrient export, Chaetomorpha is known to host beneficial amphipods which can subsequently be used as a food source for corals and animals that may reside within the aquarium. This is the best cheato strand we have found. It is incredibly strong and a fast grower. This macro algae is one of the hardiest beginner algaes. Great for introducing into marine aquariums. As a nutrient exporter, it absorbs, or feeds on dissolved organic waste. This algae thrives on fish waste, nitrates, & phosphates. These dangerous biochemicals that we constantly strive to keep down in our saltwater aquariums, which are poison to our fish and invertebrates, are the food that this algae consumes. Thus it is a big contributor to maintaining a healthy aquarium system for our captive kept animals. So you can say it helps along with our protein skimmers to purify our water. Introducing this micro algae is a natural way of maintaining good water quality for our corals also. The conditions are: #1 Someone must be present to receive and inspect the package on the FIRST DELIVERY attempt. #2 We must be notified of DOA (dead on arrival) within TWO HOURS of FIRST DELIVERY TIME.